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The Sound of Music: Cast Announcement

ROLE CAST Emergency Relief Maria Rainer Addie Faille Sister Berthe Alice Payn Melinda Cotton Sister Margaretta Cheryl Esbrook The Mother Abbess Kim Mathews Sister Sophia Noel Nieczyporowicz Captain Georg Von Trapp Brent Cheatham Franz, the butler Neil O’Connor Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper Mary Lou Workman Liesl Suzanna Stenger Frederich Carson O’Connor Louisa Chloe Russell Kurt Ryan O’Connor Jackson Haynes Brigitta Lydia Mathews Marta Katie Morawski Gretl Brenna Haynes Rolf Gruber Joseph Bush Elsa Shraeder Bev Miller Ursula Max Detweiler Doug…

Debt Reduction Campaign: FAQs

Debt Reduction Campaign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Why are we considering another capital campaign? FUMC Allen is known for its magnitude and effectiveness in ministry, both in our church and in our community. During the Vision 2020 study in 2014-2015, we determined we had to make some greatly needed improvements to our facilities to be most effective in ministry. We made those improvements, and our ministry has expanded as a result. But we don’t want to lose momentum. Now, we…

Better Together Prayer Calendar

As the New Year 2020 begins, you are invited to join your prayers with the prayers of the FUMC Allen family by praying daily for our church and its ministries in 2020. When we pray together in unity, we discover that nothing shall be impossible, and power and effectiveness are multiplied! Gracious and loving God, I praise you and thank you for the possibility and promise of a new year. I am reminded that by your amazing grace each day…

Faith Academy

We are pleased to share our newest course offerings for Faith Academy Spring 2020. Faith Academy is FUMC Allen’s Bible study curriculum, and we offer new classes every fall and spring. To register for any of the following studies, follow the links below (click on the course name) or register on Sundays from December 22 through January 12. On Wednesdays, we offer child care as part of the Wednesday Night Life program. If you have any questions, please contact Susan…