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Overcoming Gridlock

According to John Gottman, gridlock occurs when a conflict makes one feel rejected by one’s partner. They keep talking about it but make no headway, become entrenched in their positions and are unwilling to budge.

Enhancing Your Love

A love map is that part of one’s brain where one stores all the relevant information about one’s spouse’s life, such as their worries, hopes, and goals in life; their history; and the facts and feelings of their world.

When Life Tests You

When life is at its hardest, it is so easy to go back to our old ways. It’s easy to go back to life before Jesus with old habits, before our baptism and not living in light of God’s love, to return to the life before a changed heart. Life can be altogether different as we follow Jesus, but life is going to test us. When it tests us we either withdraw, shut-down, stand-up. It becomes an opportunity for more…

A Change of Heart

Just as Jesus changed the water into wine, so He changes our heart. When our heart is changed we no longer see as others see but as God sees. We love as God loves. Nurture our process of salvation. Discipleship Pathway Emphasis: Nurturing Sunday January 20 2019 John 2: 1-11 Rev. Todd Harris

Latest Articles

Construction Progress Continues

Children’s Center Update This has been a great week for the construction team as the roof has been installed on the Children’s Center and we are finally dried in.  The back-end HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work are almost complete, and the drywall will begin to be installed in the next few days.  Some Building Committee members took our Children’s Ministry Director, Mary Freeman and Children’s Ministry Assistant, Trish Morehead, on an interior tour yesterday. As you can see below, they…

Children’s Center Taking Shape

Children’s Center Update Since the arrival of the steel a few weeks ago, the contractors have made great progress creating the shell for the new Children’s Center.  As you can see below, the roof deck is on, the interior wall framing is up, and the HVAC ductwork is in process.  We should be dried in completely within a couple of weeks and then moving forward with the interior work. Many of you became a part of our new atrium At…

February 2019 Worship Series: Making Relationships Work

This month’s sermon series, Making Relationships Work, is based in part on the book “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” by John Gottman. Our prayer is that anyone in any kind of relationship–relationships with friends, family members, a spouse/significant other, or a neighbor–will attend this series with your church family. We are confident you’ll find ways to apply these techniques to your relationships as we work together for good in the family of God. According to Gottman, couples strengthen the…

FUMC Allen Now Accepting College Scholarship Applications for 2019

First United Methodist Church of Allen offers several opportunities to earn financial help for full-time college and post-graduate students who have been accepted into and attending an accredited institution of higher learning. Did you know that in 2018, the FUMC Allen Scholarship Program awarded $19,500 in scholarships to 20 applicants?  $14,000  in Endowment Scholarships  $5,500  in Program Scholarships  Eleven awards to high school seniors  Nine awards to college students Applicants will be considered for all scholarships–Program, Endowment and Memorial–awarded by…