Stepping N2 the Future

Stepping N2 the Future

SteppingN2TheFuture1920x485Now proceed to cross the Jordan, you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the Israelites.
Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, as I promised to Moses.
Joshua 1:2-3

October 19
Stepping N2 the Future
Joshua 1:1-9; 3:1, 17

October 26
Stewards of the Future
Joshua 2:1-11

November 2
All Saints Sunday: The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Joshua 6:1-5, 20

November 9
Stepping Stones to the Future
Joshua 4:1-9

November 16
Choose This Day
Joshua 1:7 & 24:14-18