Vision 2020 Vision & Next Steps

Vision 2020 Vision & Next Steps

The Vision of First United Methodist Church of Allen is to be a Church that…

Embraces all generations to join us on a life-changing Christian journey to change the world.

In order to move toward this vision, First United Methodist Church of Allen shall unite our efforts in the following:

Key Strategic Stepping Stones

Create a Change the World culture – Strengthen a CTW culture in our church and community by fortifying our current missional efforts as we become Christ’s hands and feet in the world.
Nurture significant relational ministries – Develop and nurture significant relational ministries whereby people are connected with Christ and neighbor in a life-giving way.
Experience dynamic worship – Provide and resource inspirational and compelling worship experiences that engage all persons to live passionately for Christ.
Engage future generations – Actively nurture God’s children through ministries designed to develop them to be future leaders of the Church.
Secure the future of Living Life Church – Our church moves out into the community to provide a significant faith community in Northwest Allen and Southwest McKinney.
Promote intentional hospitality – Connect with our neighbors through Christian hospitality to forge life-changing relationships to change the world.
Modernize our facility – Create an even more sacred and inviting space for worship, relationships, and faith building for the coming generation.

Our immediate NEXT steps:

1. Share the vision and stepping stones with the congregation.
2. PRAY and then PRAY more before and after each step.
3. Approve the Vision and stepping stones at Charge Conference on November 19, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.
4. Develop teams around each of the key stepping stones to further develop goals, strategies, expenses, and deadlines.
5. Report to the congregation of FUMC Allen timely updates for approval and implementation.

Many thanks to the Vision 2020 committee led by Chair Sheri Sides and Rev. Todd Harris and Rev. Brian McPherson

Kim Arnold
Karl Baltzell
Kelley Bernhard
Debbie Coleman
Ashlyn Fairchild
Brock Fairchild
Jason Hale
Greg Hockaday
Laurie Hosack
Steven Hosack
Henry Lessner
Alan Quick
Melissa Randolph
Holly Stephens
Lonny Veach
Kim White