Sermon Series: Relationship Rehab

Sermon Series: Relationship Rehab

Unless you’re a hermit or recluse, you live in a world of relationships.

In most cases, our relationships are centered within our families but certainly expand to work, school, church, and play.

How are your relationships? Are some in need of TLC? Are there people in your life with whom your relationships would benefit from some rehab?

As we move towards Valentine’s Day over the next four weeks,  we’ll look at four major Biblical themes that will initiate some rehabilitation for our relationships.

Come ready to be stretched!

January 25
It’s Not My Fault
Matthew 7:1-15

February 1
In Pursuit of the Greater Good
Galatians 5:22-23

February 8
Building Up vs. Tearing Down
1 Thessalonians  5: 11-14

February 15
It’s Never Easy
Matthew 18: 21-22