DISCIPLE Bible Study

DISCIPLE Bible Study

disciple-1024x299 We cannot fathom how much God loves us! But most of us do not have the close relationship with Jesus Christ that we desire because we do not spend the time to STUDY God’s Word.

Bible study is necessary to grow in our discipleship, yet in our busy world we are not willing to make it a priority in our lives. Luke 24:45 tells us that the Holy Spirit will open our minds so that we can gain greater understanding of the Scriptures and thus enable us to have a closer relationship with God and with one another.

“Disciple Bible study is a passion of mine,” says Rev. Maxie Moore. “It changed my life from serving out of convenience and just doing the things that made me feel good into a desire to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ!”

We want this experience for everyone in our church and in our community. Therefore we are seeking those who are interested in taking Disciple Bible studies this fall!

We’d love to offer the following courses at FUMC Allen this fall!

Disciple I
This is the new fast track 24 week version version that will meet weekly for one hour and 15 minutes.
Readings will cover about fifty percent of the Bible.

Disciple II
32 week study

Disciple III
32 week study

If you would be interested in one of these studies, please contact Rev. Maxie Moore or  Susan Hale.