Grand Opening: Compass Kids Children’s Ministry

Grand Opening: Compass Kids Children’s Ministry

Join us on Sunday, August 30, at the grand opening of COMPASS KIDS, our newly branded Children’s Ministry program.

As part of the celebration, the Bible Bucks store will be open in the west wing, and we’ll have celebrations all morning long at all three worship services and in the children’s wing.

If you haven’t seen the west entrance to our church lately, come take a look. We’ve added some new and fresh color to our Children’s Area, the result of the dreams, plans, designs and hard work of our Children’s Council, Trustees and Administrative Council.

This is just one of several efforts underway to modernize our facility, and FUMC Allen is grateful for the generosity that has made this new update possible outside of the church’s operating budget.

Why Compass Kids?

FUMC kids are on a mission to discover God’s direction for their lives and we are here, working with God’s Holy Word, to help them understand:

How do we follow Christ? Where is God leading us? How and where should we serve God?

Children’s Ministry is all about helping our children navigate the Bible and apply its teaching to their lives.  In turn, we are passionate about our Compass Kids pointing friends and family in God’s direction.

Can’t you just hear a child saying, “Follow me to Christ.”  Or, can you imagine seeing a child point their friends to FUMC because of what they’ve experienced on Sunday morning?

For more information, contact Mary Freeman.