exploreGod at FUMC Allen

exploreGod at FUMC Allen

Are you curious about life, purpose, and meaning? Do you ever wonder why there is suffering and even if there is a God? Have you ever been curious as to why there are so many religions in the world and if there is any connection? Is God the same God of most religions but simply called by a different name?
What about science? Are religion and science compatible or does one deny the existence of the other?  What does it mean that some people say they are spiritual but not religious? Is that even possible?

If you have ever pondered any of these questions, then exploregod.com is for you.  ExploreGod.com is a conversation being initiated by a group of fellow strugglers who wonder about very similar things and have made an effort to provide resources that offer a wide variety of thoughts and ideas for others to consider.  It is not a website that says in order to be a Christian you have to believe this or that; rather it’s a resource that provides thought provoking videos, articles, and other resources to add framework to human curiosity.  Furthermore, it provides a little structure for those who would like to participate in or initiate small gatherings where people can authentically discuss out loud the questions of the heart and free from judgment or condemnation.

FUMC Allen is participating in the conversation in namely three ways. However, we have room and opportunity for more conversation.

Two ways that we’ll be pondering some of the big questions of life will be in worship.  In both the sanctuary worship and in The Way,  the sermons will offer food for thought for the four weeks of September in the sanctuary and for six weeks in The Way. In addition, the Wednesday evening Pastor’s Bible Study, led by Rev. Todd Harris, will serve as an exploreGod discussion group, providing a chance for more conversation.  These sessions with Rev. Harris begin on September 9 at 7:00pm in the parlor.

But, we are not limited to simply what’s offered in these three venues. Anyone can download the information and small group discussion guides from the exploregod.com website. Anyone can attend any of the exploregod.com small groups located in the DFW metroplex. When you visit the website, you’ll find small groups that are forming to participate in the conversation.  Just look for these locations on the site. You’ll be amazed at the quantity and the meeting sites available.

This conversation is not just for those who call FUMC Allen home; it’s for the many who are asking questions and seeking possible answers.  The whole  initiative will only be as successful as the number of people engaged in the larger conversation.  Please take a moment to invite others and then bring them along with you to the conversation.  Share this page and video to invite to your friends. You can also access an invitation video that you can customize yourself.

We’ll also be sharing invitation videos on our social media sites via Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward to exploring God with you and your friends.

Sundays in the Sanctuary
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching

Sep 6  “Does Life Have a Purpose?”
Isaiah 58:10-11;Psalm 139: 13-14
Sep 13  “Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?”
1 Peter 5:9-10  2 Corinthians 4:8-10
Sep 20 “Is the Bible Reliable and Relevant?”
2 Timothy 3:14-17
Sep 27  “Is Christianity Too Narrow?”
Luke 14:12-14a
Oct 4 “Why Are There So Many Religions?

Acts 17:16-31

Sundays in The Way
Rev. Brian McPherson, preaching

Sep  6    “What Is Forgiveness?”
Sep 13  “Sin and Salvation: What Are They?”
Sep 20  “If God Is So Good, Why Does Evil Exist?’”
Sep 27  “Heaven And Hell”
Oct 4  “Spiritual Growth: The Discipline of Faith”
Oct 11  “Doubting and Believing”