Sermon Series: First

Sermon Series: First

10. PowerPoint BackgroundSermon Series
October 25-November 15

Join us on October 25 at FUMC Allen as we begin a four-week series to explore what it means to put God first in living and giving.

Jesus said, seek first his kingdom…

What does it mean to seek first the kingdom of God?

  • Is putting God first a priority in your life?
  • Is it a challenge for you?
  • What obstacles do you face in putting God first in every area of your life?

To help us move through this series, we’ll have resources available for individuals, Sunday school classes and small groups for sale outside the sanctuary beginning this Sunday, October 11.

Series Topics and Dates

October 25         Naming Our Idols

November 1       Money, Work, & Debt

November 8       Be Faithful, Save, & Give

November 15     Heart Giving

We’ll be using two texts during this series:

First: Putting God First in Living and Giving: A daily devotion God written by Rev. Mike Slaughter that will move readers towards a deeper relationship with Christ and challenge readers to consider reprioritizing our values and placing God first.

Shiny Gods: Finding Freedom from Things That Distract Us. This small group DVD and guide includes topics for 4-5 week lesson. This resource written by Rev. Mike Slaughter will guide classes in uncovering the many shiny gods that distract us from truly putting God first in our lives.

Both books are also available for purchase on Sunday, October 18 and October 25 between worship services. For more information on obtaining any of these resources, contact Susan Hale.