Children On A Mission

Children On A Mission

Children In MissionChildren’s Ministry celebrated the grand opening of Compass Kids Children’s Ministry in August with the mission to see that all children seek God’s direction in their lives every day. If you haven’t stopped by to see the new facilities at the church, be sure to come upstairs to BaseCamp any Sunday morning from 9:30am-12:00pm. In this area, children will be “supplied” with knowledge and love to go out into the world and deliver the good news of Jesus. And continue to pray with us that our children will learn to go to God’s Word and be in prayer about the decisions they make in their everyday life.

The Bible Bucks Store

1620x770_HFH_Primary_logoAnother area that has changed for our Compass Kids is the west entry of the church. On the last Sunday of each and every month, we have specialactivities for families and their children as well as any church member or guest who wants to come participate.

We have a card making table to allow everyone the opportunity to make cards or write notes of encouragement to others. Each month, we focus on a different group we hold in our prayers. They could be our friends living in a nursing home, our soldiers serving our country both here and overseas, or our friends living and serving in Honduras with Send Hope.KidsAgainstHunger_2verticalRGB-1024x862

And on this last Sunday of the month, we open up the Bible Buck store for our kids to spend the incentive rewards they have been earning all month in Sunday school. But instead of buying trinkets and plastic prizes as have in the past, our children now focus on purchasing items that will help others and change their world.

The Bible Bucks Store is just one place our families can learn about the different missions supported by our congregation. And our children have the opportunity to save and then spend their Bible Bucks on things that will help change the world. During the rest of the month, we ask that our parents and their Sunday school teachers spend some time describing these missions to our child(ren) to help them better understand the difference they are making for others.Heifer-Logo

Some of the available missions opportunities include the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity.  Kids can use their Bible bucks to purchase, for example, a hammer or a 2×4, that will, in turn, be used to build a new home for a deserving family right here in Collin County.

They can spend their Bible bucks to purchase a bag of food for Kids Against Hunger. FUMC Allen is fortunate enough to have a satellite office of Kids Against Hunger operated by Sharon Brian right here in Allen, Texas, offering family-friendly packaging events at the church 2-3 times per year.World_Vision_Logo

Another very popular mission is Heifer International. Many of our children are saving their bucks for major purchase, such as a chicken for a family living in a third world village. One group of third graders have set a goal of earning 1,500 Bible bucks to purchase a heifer.

And every month, our kids bring a quarter from their own pockets to continue their support of Shantel, a World Vision child living in Zimbabwe.

How You Can Help

When Compass Kids opened its doors in August, Children’s Ministry had set aside funds to turn the Bible buck purchases into real items that could be delivered to all of these missional opportunities. Because our children have embraced these missions with such enthusiasm, a need for Bible buck “stockholders” has become evident. Each Bible buck has a 3:1 value to real American dollars. That is, it takes three Bible bucks to buy $1 in merchandise.  So in order for us buy a heifer, for example, we need the ability to turn 1,500 Bible Bucks into $500 real dollars. And to do that, we need generous stockholders to donate to Compass Kids “real bucks” fund.

We are so blessed to be a part of a church family who is passionate about changing the world and including our children while doing so. Thank you for the support and prayers to make this dream a reality. If you want to help make a difference in our Bible bucks store by being a stockholder, please contact Mary Freeman, 972.727.8261 x311.