Vision 2020 Stepping Stones & Next Steps

Vision 2020 Stepping Stones & Next Steps

What is Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is FUMC Allen’s strategic plan as we move towards the year 2020.  It reflects the work our Vision 2020 Team that set out in 2013 to discern where God was leading our congregation and how we can best be used to build God’s kingdom and serve our community.

The stepping stones are what we consider to be our key steps to the future that will fortify our presence in the community for years to come allowing us to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Our Vision

In November 2014, FUMC Allen announced a new vision for the church:

The vision of First United Methodist Church of Allen is to be a church that embraces all generations to join us on a life-changing Christian journey to change the world.

To move toward this vision, the members of First United Methodist Church of Allen agreed at the 2014 charge conference to unite our efforts in fulfilling the following Stepping Stones to Our Future:

  • Create a Change the World Culture
  • Nurture Significant Relational Ministries
  • Experience Dynamic Worship
  • Engage Future Generations
  • Secure the Future of Living Life Church
  • Promote Intentional Hospitality
  • Modernize Our Facility

How  Can I Join FUMC Allen on the Next Step?

  • Pray for our leadership
  • Pray for each stepping stone
  • Attend worship weekly
  • Join two or more small groups
  • Spend time with God by reading your Bible and daily devotions
  • Tithe to FUMC Allen
  • Volunteer with Change the World
  • Support current missions
  • Volunteer to teach or assist Compass Kids or Catalyst Youth
  • Join a Stepping Stones team
  • Share the Good News of Jesus
  • Invite others to join us on the next step
  • Serve as a greeter or Hospitality Ambassador

Will You Join Us on the Next Step?

Click Here for a detailed description of the stepping stones to our future and next steps.