Laity Sunday 2015

Laity Sunday 2015


During all three sanctuary worship services on November 22, FUMC Allen will honor Laity Sunday as the laity of the church lead us in worship.

United Methodists have long honored and revered the ministry of the church members also called the laity.  In the decades when pastors came only on Sunday to preach and offer communion and/or baptism, the laity were responsible for the work of the church Monday through Saturday. The laity hold equal power in the life of the United Methodist Church and their vote and influence is held in high regard.

One way we spotlight the leadership of the laity is by honoring Laity Sunday.

This week, members of the congregation will lead us in worship and have responsibility for all aspects of the worship service including the preaching of the message.  You will still see our pastors and other staff members taking part this Sunday, but you will have the great privilege of listening to your colleagues in ministry. Laity Sunday always proves to be a great time in the life of our church.

FUMC Allen is so very fortunate and blessed to have a church full of talented lay people.  We thank God for ALL the ways our laity lead in the life of our congregation in both big and small ways.

What’s Our Legacy?
Matthew 25: 11-30

8:15am      Tim Harless
9:30am      Henry Lessner
11:00am        Holly Stephens