TLC: Touching Lives in College

TLC: Touching Lives in College

New Years lockin - FUMCAThis past semester, a group of parents from FUMC Allen created a new ministry to support our young adults who are attending college locally, around the state, and around the country. Parents were asked to provide their student’s college addresses, and the group gathered for an evening to assemble care packages full of donated items provided in bulk by the families.

After this experience, the group came up with a name , TLC: Touching Lives in College and a logo.

At our church charge conference on December 15, organizer Holly Stephens reported a total of 73 care packages were shipped to our college students this fall, most around the time of mid-term exams.

Our students responded on social media–Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, tagging their comments with #fumcallencarepackage and we wanted to share those comments with you here.

A College Student Get Together is scheduled at the church at 6:30pm on Tuesday, December 29, in the Youth Activity Center. The group also plans for another shipment during spring mid-terms and hopes to do a shipment during final exams.

TLC will appreciate contributions for mailing expenses and donations of items for the next mailing.

If you have a son or daughter attending school and have not yet shared their mailing address or their mailing address has changed, please click this link to update.