Stephen Ministry Begins New Training Class

Stephen Ministry Begins New Training Class

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We all need a friend. A friend we can talk to, a friend who will listen. Someone who will empathize with what we are experiencing, who won’t judge us. Sometimes we just need someone to be there.

These are the gifts that a Stephen Minister brings to someone who might be lonely, someone who might be depressed, someone who might be fearful, or someone who might be worried.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Stephen Minister and wanted to know what it takes to be that special person for someone who is in need? It takes time along with a willingness to learn and to stretch beyond yourself.  It means accepting that you don’t have the answers but that God does and He truly is the great healer.

We all have callings on our lives and our purpose is to see others as Jesus does and to love them where and how they are in that moment in time.

Do you see yourself as someone who could love like Christ and offer a  heart of love to one of His children?

Come join Stephen Ministry and see how God can use you to help someone in need.

Registration begins on Sunday, August 14, both online and between worship services.  Classes will begin on Thursday, September 8, and will meet every Thursday from 6:45pm – 8:45pm.  A $55 registration fee covers the cost of materials.  Scholarships are available.

Contact Ruth Swingle for more information.