A Message from Rev. Todd Harris

A Message from Rev. Todd Harris

Dear Church Member,

I want to invite you to a very important Charge Conference on September 11, 2016 at 12:15pm in the sanctuary. At this meeting led by District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Ronald Henderson, you will hear a report regarding Vision 2020 and our Stepping Stones to the Future as it relates particularly to Modernizing our Facility.

I hope you have taken advantage of the recent articles in our weekly eNews regarding Vision 2020 and the notes from the discussion at our Town Hall. During this Charge Conference, the membership of FUMC Allen will consider a motion to hire an architect and a capital campaign consultant as well as elect a Building Committee.

The architect will lead us through an initial step of updating our master plan based on input from the congregation. The capital campaign consultant will lead us through a process of determining our spiritual readiness and financial potential.

Again, this vote only include the first step of the modernizing process. A second Charge Conference will be held at a later date to approve the master plan and preliminary drawings and launch a capital campaign. Finally, we will hold a third Charge Conference to approve the building plans and the financial plan to begin construction and renovation.

Please see the enclosure describing the five facility priorities that have been identified and were discussed at the Town Hall meeting.

Moving forward with the plan described above depends upon the approval of the Charge Conference.  Please know that the September 11 Charge Conference will not include a vote to remodel existing facilities, build new buildings or finance any construction. It will simply involve a vote to begin the process of conceptualizing the possibilities of modernizing our facilities.

How will the first step be funded? The first step will cost approximately $60,000. Several generous gifts have been committed to fund this step, and we will likely receive more before September 11. We will borrow the remaining balance from the church’s operating reserve fund with the plan of repaying the money with donations or capital raised during the campaign.

Please join me as we pray for the upcoming Charge Conference and pray that our congregation intentionally pursues God’s desire for our church.

I believe God holds a very bright future for FUMC Allen and together, by the grace of God, the impossible can become possible.

In Christ,


Rev. Todd Harris