All Saints Day

All Saints Day

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Does “All Saints Day” Really Matter?

(based on an article by Ryan Hamm on the “Relevant Website”)

On November 6, United Methodists recognize all the saints who from their labors rest as we celebrate All Saints Day in worship.

Why do we celebrate “All Saints”?

All Saints Day reminds us that there are Christians who came before us who have run the race well and now dwell with God. Loved ones, friends and family members, heroes of the faith, forefathers and foremothers of our Christian heritage, all in eternal communion with God and interceding and praying for us, encouraging us by witness and inheritance to complete our task of life faithfully.

On All Saints Day, Christians are also afforded the opportunity be reminded of the current Christians all around the world, who witness to our faith challenge and encourage all believers to “run the race before us.” The sheer depth of witness of Christian saints ought to make any believer thankful that there are saints who have walked the road of faith before us, and their stumbles, joys and hard-fought victories give us both hope and encouragement.

In addition to the historical depth of the Christian saints, there is also the modern breadth. Think of all the people—very, very different people—who gather under the banner of Christ. You’ve got saints of every nation, every language, every job, every walk of life … all worshiping the same God.. The saints all over the world are part of one, universal Church worshiping the same God. That includes rich people and poor people, people of all ethnicities, men and women, Calvinists and Open Theists, the 99 percent and the 1 percent, Democrats and Republicans, creationists and evolutionists, and everyone else of every stripe and shape you can imagine.

All those differences mean this: We are not alone.

If you find yourself thinking that this all sounds naive, it’s not; it’s hopeful. All Saints Day is a time to remember—to embrace—what the Kingdom of God looks like (and what it will look like forever). And that is Good News!

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