Stewardship Sermon Series: Defying Gravity

Stewardship Sermon Series: Defying Gravity

October 23 – November 13
8:15am 9:30am 11:00am FUMC Allen Sanctuary
11:00am The Way  Fellowship Hall

We all want to be generous, but most of us find this hard to carry out. Demands on our time and money make scarcity a real problem. Marketing creates a compulsion to buy things that are new or the latest version of the old.

Instead of enjoying the freedom to bless others with the best of our lives, we feel trapped. We are held down and held back by forces that seem beyond our control.

But there is good news! Jesus offers us a way to defy gravity and break free from the culture of more.

The key to all of it—and the key to Christian discipleship—is generosity. When we follow Jesus, we develop a spirit of generosity that makes us eager to give.

It’s not about should or ought to. It’s about want to. It’s about overflowing with love and the desire to bless others as Jesus blesses us.

Join us on October 23 as we begin Defying Gravity, a four-week stewardship program that explores what the Bible says about how to experience a generous life.


Week 1
October 23, 2016
Discovering Gravity
Matthew 19:16-26

Week 2
October 30, 2016
Breaking Free
Luke 15:11-32

Week 3
November 6, 2016
Three Simple Life-Changing Goals
Matthew 6:21

Week 4
November 13, 2016
When We Get It Right
Luke 16:10-13

Going Deeper Study Groups

Adult Ministry is inviting all Sunday school classes and/or other small groups to participate in or lead study groups for this year’s stewardship study, Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More.

The book for this four-week study will be available for purchase between worship services on Sunday, October 16, and Sunday, October 23. The soft cover book sells for $10; we also have available a conversation starter Family Card Pack for $2.00. The Kindle or ePub editions are available for download from online retailers, such as Amazon or Cokesbury.

If you, your Sunday school class. or your small group is interested in leading and/or participating in this Going Deeper study of Defying Gravity, contact FUMC Allen’s Adult Ministry Director, Susan Hale, 972.727.8261, x103.