This Week in Worship: Called to Bear Fruit

This Week in Worship: Called to Bear Fruit


Jesus calls his disciples to bear fruit. We bear fruit by abiding with God. We abide with God first in worship.

Corporate worship is the closest we come to being the person God created us to be. Worship is essential to the Christian life.  Yes, I worship God when I am in the mountains but if I worship God only in the mountains I miss the essential elements of what Christians have done throughout the ages as they worshiped in community, shared their resources, shared community, baptized new believers.

If we only worship God and overlook the essential experience of small group life and serving, we miss out on God working in us and through us to bring about the kingdom of God.  We miss out on bearing fruit.  If we do not bear fruit because of our worship, something is missing. Something is incomplete.

Faith without works is dead claims James.

Worship plus 2, that is worship plus small group plus service is the very basic of discipleship.