Penny Wars

Penny Wars

Lord, What Do You Want To Do Through Me?

The children of our church are doing their part to support the Embrace & Transform Campaign. In praying this campaign prayer, they decided they would like to make a financial offering.  To bring a little fun into the exercise, the children are holding a Penny War pitting the boys against the girls.

The children will receive a collection box on Wednesday April 19 or in Sunday School on April 23.  They will gather as much change as they can and bring it with them to church through May 7.

They can empty their boxes into the collection jars in Base Camp.  Boys and girls will place all change collected in their team’s jar. However, they should place all paper money in the opposing team’s jar as we’ll subtract the total of the paper money from the amount of coins collected.  All money collected goes into the total offering.

On May 7, Commitment Sunday, the children will present all the money they have raised to the church during worship as their contribution to the Embrace & Transform Campaign.