A Send Hope Update

A Send Hope Update

A Season of  Change

by Tom Brian

Change is inevitable!  We all go through changes; sometimes it is a slow change that we barely notice, and other times it is very noticeable.

The last 12 months has seen notable changes at the House of Hope in Honduras.  When Katrina passed away I lost my trusted partner at the children’s home.  We had worked together since the doors were opened in 2005.  It was quite a change knowing she would not be coming back.

However, Steven and Lauren Hosack took her place.  They did not think they would be able to take over for several years, but they decided they could move their date forward and become directors.

Another noticeable change happened in the Hosack’s life when Lauren became pregnant.  This meant that she and Steven would need to be absent from their duties at the House of Hope for several months.

However, Joe and Alison Randolph decided to spend 6 months at the House of Hope after they finished their education and were married. Joe completed his masters and Alison her bachelor’s degree; they got married and a week later moved to the House of Hope. Lauren had already left for Texas, and Steven gave the Randolph’s a week of on the job training before he left.

Penelope arrived on July 27, 2017 to complete this season of change.  The Hosack family is now back at the House of Hope, and the Randolph’s are there to help until December.

The thing that has not changed is the loving care that the children at the House of Hope are receiving.  So thanks to all who support Send Hope and the House of Hope with your prayers and donations, and thanks be to God who makes all things possible.

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