Building Bridges: Open House Week

Building Bridges: Open House Week

Members of FUMC Allen visited the Islamic Association of Allen at a special open house on Sunday, January 21, at their mosque at 909 Allen Central Drive in Allen. More than 140 visitors enjoyed a tour of the mosque, Arabic calligraphy, henna, snacks, a presentation by Imam Abdul Rahman Bashir followed by an observation of prayer.

Here’s what Caryn Fecht had to say about the day: “I love my church!!! FUMC Allen visited the Islamic Association of Allen today to learn more about their faith. What a great time to share what we have in common and learn and grow from each other. Thanks for your hospitality IAA!”

From Dawn Horton: “It was a great day at church, first continuing our worship series on “building bridges” with all people! After worship, FUMC Allen had the great privilege of being invited to the Islamic Association of Allen where we received such amazing hospitality! I had my first-ever henna applied and learned how our names read in Arabic calligraphy! Thankful for meeting new friends today and learning more about our brothers & sisters in our community!


On Wednesday, January 24, the congregation of FUMC Allen opened its doors and welcomed our new friends from the Islamic Association of Allen to share a meal, worship, and a condensed version of Methodism 101, as part of our regular Wednesday Night Live program. We had more than 100 for dinner and more than 70 Muslims and Christians gathered together in the sanctuary for worship, communion, and a time to share stories of faith.

Later that evening, we read this post from the Islamic Association of Allen: “A sincere thank you to our neighbors First United Methodist Church of Allen and specifically Rev Todd Harris for welcoming our congregation with open arms. Such great hosts that they even provided us space to offer Maghreb salah right inside their church. If that was not enough let us tell you that the biryani was delicious, halal, and available in varying spice levels. Who knew our Christian neighbors were experts at procuring biryani! We are grateful for being blessed with such loving and caring neighbors,and we look forward to building stronger bridges of communication and understanding between our congregations.With deep appreciation – for all our Methodist neighbors in Allen; which through education tonight, we learned that there can be differing kinds of Methodists. Shout out to the WhyIslam Dallas for helping us connect.”

And many thanks from Nida Rehman for these lovely words: “Last night we were invited to see our neighbors at the First United Methodist Church of Allen. They put together a lovely program and even had halal biryani for us. We ended the night by calling them our friends

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