Embrace & Transform Building Project Update

Embrace & Transform Building Project Update

Progress.  Progress.  Progress.  While it may not be apparent, we’ve accomplished a lot of work on our building project.  After the architects completed schematic design, the general contractor estimated costs for us.  Through November and December, the Building Committee spent many hours scrutinizing the costs and making trade-offs to ensure every precious dollar is used effectively.

We will tear down the old building that houses Youth Ministry and some offices.  That’s approximately 9,000 square feet being removed.  Then, we will build new and consolidated space for Children’s Ministry and hospitality.  The Youth Ministry will move upstairs into a modern remodeled space.  We will add roughly the same amount of new space as the 9000 square feet that will be demolished.  Please visit our website Embrace and Transform Building Project or click on any of the pictures below for more descriptions of the new space.

Now that we have the scale and scope of the project defined, professionals from electrical, mechanical, landscape, civil, and structural engineering are working with the architects on the design development phase.  This is where we take conceptual renderings and add details: which materials to use, dimension and sizes for rooms, type of foundation, elevations, etc.

On February 14, we had our first pre-development meeting with the City of Allen Planning Department.  There is more design work ahead.  Our schedule shows us completing construction drawings this summer.  Currently, the plan is to break ground in late fall.

Jeanie Schulmeister, Building Committee Chair

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Questions about the project? Send an email to buildingquestions@fumcallen.org.