Holy Week

Holy Week

Sat Mar 24


Sun Mar 25 Palm Sunday

“Giving It Up For God: Giving Up Arrogance”
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching
Luke 19:28-40, 47a,b
8:15am 9:30am 11:00am



Wed Mar 28


Thu Mar 29 Holy Thursday

WORSHIP & COMMUNION. 7:00pm. Sanctuary.

On Holy, or Maundy, Thursday, we revisit the story of three important events that happened on that night. First, as Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, he reminded each of them to be servant to others. This continues to be our calling today.
Second, Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples. He commanded them to share communion in remembrance of him and mandated them that they are sent from communion to love.
Third, we experience what happened to Jesus and the disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus prayed “Not my will but thine be done.” He was then betrayed by Judas with a kiss and arrested by the Roman guard.
We will have the opportunities to receive communion and wash our feet. If you care to participate in foot washing, please wear shoes that are easily removed.
Nursery is open for children in pre-K and younger.


Fri Mar 30 Good Friday

SERVICE OF DARKNESS (Tenebrae). 7:00pm. Sanctuary.

The Good Friday Service of Darkness, or Tenebrae, includes scripture readings and haunting music to powerfully describe Christ’s trial, suffering, and crucifixion. The readings alternate with musical selections performed by the FUMC Allen Chancel Choir as lights on the altar are extinguished one by one until we sit in darkness. Each person attending the service is given a nail to take to the altar where it is nailed to a cross.


Because the Service of Darkness (Tenebrae) is a somber service, we offer our children an alternative Good Friday Children’s Experience in BaseCamp. We invite kindergarten-sixth graders to join us as we learn about the last few hours of Jesus life in a way that children can understand.

Nursery is open for children in pre-K and younger.

Sat Mar 31 Holy Saturday


Scripture strongly affirms ministries of spiritual healing, which in recent years have received renewed emphasis throughout Christ’s holy Church.
All healing is of God. The Church’s healing ministry in no way detracts from the gifts God gives through medicine and psychotherapy. It is no substitute for either medicine or the proper care of one’s health. Rather, it adds to our total resources for wholeness.
Laying on of hands, anointing with oil, and the less formal gesture of holding someone’s hand all show the power of touch, which plays a central role in the healings recorded in the New Testament. Such an act is a tangible expression of the presence of the healing Christ, working in and through those who minister in his name.
If you feel this service would benefit you, a friend, or a family member, please join Rev. Todd Harris at 2:00pm on Saturday, March 31, in Holy Week in the Upper Room Chapel.


 Click HERE to learn more about the healing service from the United Methodist Book of Discipline.