Building Project Update/New FAQs

Building Project Update/New FAQs

My name is Scott Gallaway, and I am your administrative council chairperson, a member of the building committee, and one of the unofficial photographers at the church. Over the last couple of years, we have used different formats to listen, receive feedback, and communicate with the congregation, including several town hall meetings and focus groups, about our Embrace and Transform campaign. We used all of these gatherings to help us set our priorities.

This spring, we held tours of our facility to show where the demolition and construction would take place and to give examples of what our renovated facility will look like. These tours generated some buzz and several questions. We have complied those questions into a new list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on our website, which you can access here:  Building Project FAQs

We’ve categorized the questions and answers in line with the priorities the congregation help us set, specifically dedicated space for  hospitality, children, and youth. We’ve included a group of general questions related to common topics, such as our overall campus, parking, landscaping, and a financial updates.

While my family and I have attended FUMC Allen for close to 30 years and have supported the last three building campaigns, this is my first time to actually be on a building committee. I remain amazed and impressed by the talent, passion, and dedication of those on the committee selected by our Administrative Council to represent this congregation. Many long and spirited discussions have helped us decide how to proceed and identify where God is leading us.

In the third quarter, we expect to receive our final construction documents from the architect and pricing from our general contractor. We will then hold a congregational meeting to present how our collective congregational vision will become a reality. We will also update you on the anticipated construction schedule and how it will affect the location of our programming during construction. And finally, we will get to see the next visible and tangible steps in this process as demolition of the old youth building commences and construction begins later this year.

The members of the building committee remain focused on the priorities the congregation gave us and are always available to hear your questions and receive your feedback. To connect with any of our committee members, email us at

Scott Gallaway, Administrative Council Chair

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