The Youth and the Architect

The Youth and the Architect

I have been excited over the past several months to be the youth representative to the Building Committee.  As part of our ongoing feedback process,  last week a meeting was held in Basecamp – the current second floor of the Children’s Center that will become the Future Youth Center of FUMC Allen. The meeting, directed by GFF Architects Associate Jeremy Roehr, was attended by several youth representatives and some members of the Building Committee.   The main topics of this meeting were to visually show the youth what to expect in the New Youth Center, to get their feedback about what they saw and to provide suggestions about any changes that they wanted to see. 

How Do You Get There and What’s Inside the Door?

New Youth Center Entrance

To get into the future youth wing, you will have to pass through glass doors. When passing through those doors, on your left will be the teal accent wall, and on your right will be an opening to see the future Hospitality Atrium.

Walking into the youth wing, you enter into the hangout and hospitality space.  The floor turns from carpet to laminate and the ceiling is raised. On the left are the collage screens and on the right is the hangout space.  This space will contain tables and chairs, our pool and foosball table and moveable tables and seating.  There is also a sink and a snack bar. This will be a great place to meet and greet, relax and have conversations with friends.  As you keep walking, the bathrooms are on the left and the doors to some classrooms are on the right.

Hospitality and Hangout Space


When you walk farther, the floor is carpeted again and the ceiling is raised again.  On the left is the youth worship/game space with state of the art equipment and lights. Moveable chairs and a moveable stage is in the room, along with bean bag chairs and other comfortable necessities. On the right are more classrooms. Further down to the end of the youth wing, the floor is wood again and the ceiling is lowered, making a seperate feeling from worship and learning time. On the right there are more classrooms and on the left is the exit to the stairs. There are windows on the left up ahead that have the option of being covered for a more modern worship experience.

Gathering and Worship Space

What Will The Finishes Look Like?

Once everyone understood the layout, Mr. Roehr showed us the proposed finishes for the Youth Center.  We saw actual samples of the carpet squares, laminate flooring, backsplash material, and finish colors so the youth representatives could see just what the finishes of the future facility will look like.  Topics that were discussed during the meeting include, color for the accent wall and collage screens inside hang-out area, carpeting, countertops, shelving and cabinets, youth worship/game space and lights.  

Finishes for Youth Hospitality and Hangout Space

The youth voted on one major change to the the theme color of the Future Youth Center background, changing it from burnt orange to teal.  And we were able to see what the changes would look like in real time as the architect updated the color on the projected screen.  The next set of updated pictures from the architect will be available soon.

Finishes for Gathering and Worship Space

The youth really appreciate the opportunity we had to interface with the architect and to see the images and colors for our future Youth Center.   We are looking forward to a modernized and unified space where we can hang out, worship, learn and invite our friends!


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