Automatic Recurring Giving

Automatic Recurring Giving

by Jason Hale, chair of FUMC’s finance committee

Your finance committee has the sacred responsibility of overseeing God’s financial resources that you provide.

We also work faithfully to ensure that our operating budget is allocated appropriately for ministry and facility upkeep.

I am speaking to you today because I’d like to encourage you to prayerfully consider setting up automatic reoccurring giving also known as automatic recurring giving.

Through automatic recurring giving, a person or family can easily set up their giving to FUMC on an ongoing automatic way.

For example, in the Hale household, we went on line to, and set up automatic giving by locating the giving link and set up for our monthly tithe to be drafted automatically on the same day each month.

Why am I asking you to prayerfully consider automatic recurring giving?

Did you know that the summer months are some of the more expensive months as it relates to ministry and facility expenses and yet we see a significant decline in giving and attendance? This makes sense because people are traveling and our attendance is less frequent.  But, if people would consider automatic reoccurring giving, we could minimize the drop in giving and avoid the huge push in December to catch up.

I know that many of you enjoy the feeling of placing your tithe in the offering plate as it passes down the pew.  Beginning June 3, you will find a giving card in the pew back that states “I give online.”

Place these cards in the offering plate to experience the joy of actually placing something in the plate.

If you would like assistance with establishing Automatic Recurring Giving, please indicate by checking the box on the registration tear-off in your bulletin.

Again, I sincerely hope you’ll join my family and many other families who have already set up this system of giving.  There is a real sense of joy knowing that even when you are gone on vacation you are able to continue giving and underwriting the ongoing ministries of the church.  And, there is an even better feeling when you come to the end of the year only to realize that you skipped giving your tithe and now you’re under pressure to catch.

Let’s work together to make this happen.