Change 4 Change

Change 4 Change


On Sunday, March 25, we challenged you to bring your loose change to worship and drop it into the offering plate.

To date, we have  collected $500.01 in loose change to support missions!

All of your coin offerings–quarters, nickels, dimes, half dollars–donated during the 8:15am, 9:30am and 11:00am Sunday morning worship services will be allocated to support the many church activities related to missions.

At last count, our church collects approximately $26 in coin offerings per calendar quarter, resulting in approximately $104 in coin offerings per calendar year. What a change we could make if our coins intentionally come into worship and into the missions fund!

We also welcome and encourage you to capture a photo of where your loose change lives in your house and share those images on social media, tagging your contribution with the hashtag #change4change.

Let’s use our change to make a change for the world.