New Nursery Showered With Gifts

New Nursery Showered With Gifts

On Sunday, June 17, 2018 our church opened the doors to our new nursery.  While it was not outfitted with furniture, we had a fun party showing our new room at our Nursery Shower.

Almost 100 people popped in and took a look at the place where our youngest congregants will be cared for during church services, Bible study and other church activities.  It was a fun atmosphere as folks took a look at the new finishes and colors that our babies and families will enjoy.  As one person said, “It is very soothing in this room.”  Moving the Nursery and other preschool rooms to the “Playday” hallway will allow for all the children of any age to be in the same wing of the building.  Families will be able to drop off their children in the same area instead of having to cross the building.  This is the first phase in our plan to bring all the children together for safety and convenience.

New Nursery Nursing Area

The Nursery room was ‘showered’ with amazing donations.  Jenn Lunt, Nursery Coordinator, reports that several high priced items were donated that Sunday.  And since that Sunday, the gifts have continued totaling $3800, allowing us to purchase the furnishings that are needed.  The Nursery staff is very thankful for the support and the gifts of the new furniture and equipment that will make their task lighter.

The Nursery was one of the first of several “owner managed projects” that will be implemented as part of our overall Building Project.  We were able to save thousands of dollars by doing this work outside of our normal construction project and using volunteers for the remodeling.

Keith Carper Leading the Nursery Renovation Team

If you have not seen the new Nursery, please stop by room 155.  We are located in the “Playday” hallway and near the doughnut table.  And to hear more about how our building project will benefit the children, youth and all members and guests in our church, please plan to attend our next Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, July 29th at 12:15 after Sunday worship.  At that time, the Building Committee will be presenting all the final plans, schedule and financing for the project.

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