Permit Received – Demolition and Construction Preparation Begins

Permit Received – Demolition and Construction Preparation Begins

This week, we received our construction permit from the City of Allen and we are underway with our Embrace and Transform Building Project. This project is a result of multi-year journey of planning, congregational feedback, designing, cost optimizations, and price negotiation. One of our primary goals as a Building Committee is to keep our congregation informed of the progress on the project.

Here are a few key facts:
  1. Our General Contractor, Hill and Wilkinson, has significant experience with all types of construction projects and has a church division that has done projects for Custer Road UMC, First Dallas UMC and Lovers Lane UMC.  We have worked closely with them to help select the various subcontractors based on both price and prior experience.
  2. Hill and Wilkinson has worked with our Church Administrator, Larry Wright, to set up their project offices in our Ministry Center (Wesley House).

    Construction Staging
  3. Equipment and construction materials staging will be done in the northeast corner of our primary parking lot which will be fenced off for safety.
  4. We are working closely with the Children’s Creative Playday staff and will be providing regular notifications to them and parents of children in the program about the project and ways in which it could affect them.  Great care is being taken to interrupt Playday as little as possible.
Things that have or are happening in September:
  1. We have received our full Building Permit from the City of Allen.
  2. Former Youth Wing – The Walls Are Gone!

    We have completed the abatement and removal of all of the walls in the former Youth Wing.

  3. The electrical and plumbing contractors have been working to move and isolate our current electrical and water lines in the former Youth Wing so that power and water can be completely shut off in the Youth Wing prior to full demolition.
  4. Sometime next week, the contractor will be bring a large crane temporarily into the east parking lot area to enable the removal and potential reuse of Youth Wing rooftop HVAC systems.
  5. Parking areas will be affected from time to time by the project.  We will do our best to keep you up to date on the relocation of various handicapped and senior parking areas that will be affected.
Safety First!

Parts of our church property are now a construction zone.  The installation of construction fencing has begun on the northeast side of the building and more will go up at various locations on the east side of the facility in the weeks to come.  Additionally, next week the contractor will be putting up temporary walls to safely separate the current east hallway from the youth wing.  These fences and walls are there for a reason – to keep the congregation and the users of our facility safe.  Please do not enter these areas as they can be dangerous during the demolition and construction process.  For example, during the next couple of weeks, the north part of the west parking lot along Greenville Ave. will be saw cut and removed.  This area will be fenced off for you and your family’s protection.

Stay tuned – we will keep you posted

We intend to provide frequent updates throughout the project.  These updates will be posted on the website with links from our weekly newsletter and Facebook page.  At any time that you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at