Building Parking and Access Changes

Building Parking and Access Changes

When you get to church this Sunday, you will see a lot of changes in the exterior of our facility as the work continues on our building project.  Here are a few things that may affect you and your access to the facility.

Greenville AveNUE Parking Changes

On the northwest side of the facility, which faces Greenville Avenue, we’ve installed a temporary fence that removes access from the northwest parking spaces. This fence also prevents exiting from the north side of the west parking lot.  This is a permanent change as the new Children’s Center will take up the north side of the parking lot.

North Senior and Handicapped Parking Moving West

Because of facility access changes, we will be moving the senior and handicapped parking spaces on the north side of the facility between the church and the Ministry Center (Wesley House) to the west parking area along Greenville Avenue.

New Fence Surrounds Demolition Area

On the east side of the facility, we’ve erected a temporary fence that surrounds the former Youth Wing.  Our contractors have removed the windows and are completely gutting the the facility in preparation for a full demolition, which is scheduled to begin the week of October 8.  We anticipate that the demolition process, including foundation removal, will take about 3 to 4 weeks.

Temporary Changes to East Sidewalk Along Gym

On Sunday mornings, for the next several months, we request that you do not use the sidewalk that goes along the side of the gym to the doors into the labyrinth area except in case of emergency.  As you can see here, the temporary fence has significantly narrowed the sidewalk.  We also expect a significant potential for debris in the area while demolition is taking place.  Please use the northeast entrance at the green awning or the south entrance.  Once demolition is complete, we will regrade the courtyard and reconstruct the sidewalk.  This will be followed by concrete, steel, exterior wall, and roof construction for the new Hospitality Atrium.

New Temporary Walls in Fellowship Hall Hallway

As you enter the northeast entrance under the green awning, you will notice that temporary walls have been constructed along the hallway outside Fellowship Hall.  These will be in place throughout the project until we are ready to open the new Hospitality Atrium.

NORTH Exterior entrance permanently closed

The north entrance at the end of the terrazzo hallway that connects the Fellowship Hall hallway with the rest of the facility has been permanently closed. A temporary wall blocks the doors that used to exit to the north toward the Ministry Center (Wesley House). This door will remain in place until we are ready to open the new Children’s Center late next spring.  To help facilitate classes that meet in the Ministry Center on Sunday mornings, we will unlock the door on the north side of the facility that leads into the office hallway.

We will continue to provide regular updates about the project. You can access these updates by clicking on “Building Project Updates” from the home page or Building Projects/Building Project Updates from the menu on any page of our website.

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To learn more about our Building Project and see what the new and improved facility will look like, click on any of the pictures below.