Scheduled Power Outage and New Children’s Center Excavation

Scheduled Power Outage and New Children’s Center Excavation

This friday, October 5th, a power outage has been scheduled for the entire fumc allen facility

In preparation for demolition of the former youth wing, the power for all of FUMC Allen will be shut down first thing in the morning on Friday, October 5th.  Additionally, the offices will be closed and the phone service may be temporarily interrupted.  The timing of this outage is planned for this specific date because Children’s Creative Playday does not meet on Friday.  Additionally, the FUMC Allen Pastors and Ministry Staff are away on their annual Fall Planning Retreat.   Should you need to contact any of the pastors on Friday, please use email.  It is anticipated that the power will be restored to FUMC Allen Friday afternoon.

large crane arrives to remove rooftop ac units

Since the facility is shut down and the power will be off on Friday, the Contractor will also use that as an opportunity to bring in a large crane to remove the rooftop AC Units from the older part of the facility.  This crane will be somewhere near the East Entrance.  This is part of the updating of our HVAC units as well as the removal of units from the former youth building.


GroundBreaking in 1966 as First Methodist Church of Allen moves to Greenville Ave.

In the mid 1960s, Allen, TX had a population of around 1000 people.  The congregation of First Allen was worshiping at a building built between 1917 and 1919.  That building had become unsafe and in 1965, we had to tear it down.  The congregation was forced to temporarily move into the newly constructed education building and worship in a room that seated 50 people. They decided to take a bold step, acquire our current property, which at the time was “out in the country” along South Greenville.  You can see the 1966 Groundbreaking above.

1967 Construction of Fellowship Hall and Education Wing, and 1978 addition to Education Wing

Their first construction, dedicated their new sanctuary (our current Fellowship Hall) and original education building in 1967 which can be seen on the left.  That original education building was expanded in 1978 to accommodate our growing congregation.  And then, in 2003, the original  education building was renovated to become our youth center.  And as the congregation did in 1965, tearing down its almost 50 year old sanctuary, we are about to say goodbye to our original, 51 year old South Greenville education wing, and for the past 15 years, our Youth Center.   Our temporary power outage is to complete the reconfiguration of our electrical system that is tied into our former youth wing.  This is the last step before the demolition begins next week.

Excavation underway in preparation for New Children’s Center Construction

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