Access Changes, Stained Glass Removal, and Schedule Updates

Access Changes, Stained Glass Removal, and Schedule Updates

Demolition Almost Complete in Spite of Difficult Conditions

Did you notice that we have had a little rain in October?  In spite of these difficult conditions, the construction crews continued toward the finish line to complete the demolition of the former Youth Center and to finish site preparation for the construction of our new Children’s Building.

Here are some video updates of the work completed this week:

Access changed to east parking lot

Effective immediately, we will no longer be able to exit to the east parking lot from the Labyrinth area, from the door across from the elevator, or from the door in the northeast corner of the gym.  For your safety, these exits are now closed as we continue to prepare for the construction of the Hospitality Atrium and Courtyard.

Our new main east entrance will open next summer with the completion of the Hospitality Atrium and Courtyard.  To access the east parking lot, please use the north hallway outside of Fellowship Hall under the green awning or the south entrance next to the parlor.

Stained Glass Removal and Temporary Wall Construction

The stained glass on the east side of the Upper Room Chapel and the labyrinth was removed this week and put into long-term storage.  The Building Committee considered numerous options to reuse some or all of this glass in the new facility, but the size of the glass did not effectively fit any of the new spaces.

The committee has also determined that the cost to attempt a reassembly of the stained glass into a different design would be between $35,000 to $50,000.  The Building Committee has decided that a redesign was not the best use of our project funds, and they have chosen to put the glass into long-term storage for potential future use.

Now that the stained glass has been removed, we will construct a temporary wall along the east side of our current welcoming area.  This wall will allow us to prepare for construction of and connection to the new Hospitality Atrium.

Overall Construction Schedule

Construction will begin over the next couple of weeks.

Below is the approximate schedule for the construction project, which can also be viewed here.

We will continue to provide regular updates about the project. You can access these updates by clicking on “Building Project Updates” from the home page or Building Projects/Building Project Updates from the menu on any page of our website.

If you have any questions, please send an email to .

To learn more about our Building Project and see what the new and improved facility will look like, click on any of the pictures below.

  • Building Project Flyover Video