As the Concrete Work Begins, Your Prayers Help Build the Foundation

As the Concrete Work Begins, Your Prayers Help Build the Foundation

Site preparation underway for Concrete pours

Now that the former Youth Building demolition is complete, our contractors are preparing the site to pour the concrete foundation for our new Children’s Center and Hospitality Atrium.  Part of this preparation involves the underground plumbing, sewer, and storm drain work needed for the facility changes.

Then, they’ll regrade the areas and test for moisture.  Once these tasks are complete, the contractor will pour the new concrete piers and grade beams in preparation for the pouring of the new concrete slabs in early-mid December.

Prayer Capsules Available during Worship Nov 18 and Nov 25

The congregation will have the opportunity to participate in the laying of the concrete foundations that will support our new facilities.  On Sunday, November 18 and November 25, you will receive a prayer capsule during worship. Each capsule includes a piece of paper on which you can write a personal prayer for our new facilities and the people who will come into our buildings. We’ll include these capsules to the prayers collected at the Groundbreaking Ceremony last summer.

Families can place the prayer capsules in a cement mixer that will be in the sanctuary during worship on November 25.  We’ll offer a blessing for the foundation that supports the new facilities.

We’ll mix the capsules with the concrete that becomes the new foundation to support our new buildings.

Your prayers will ensure and support a solid foundation for future generations of children, youth, and adults who participate in the life of our church.