Bridgeport Camp Announces Summer Camp Dates

Bridgeport Camp Announces Summer Camp Dates

As we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, we often break out our calendars for the new year. And if you’re a parent, you are already looking for and marking dates for summer activities.

FUMC Allen is excited to announce our summer camp dates at Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center in Bridgeport, TX. Bridgeport offers fun, Christ-centered camps for children and youth (completing grades 3 through 12). SEEK Camps are for our special needs campers. Learn more about SEEK Camps here.

According to their website, Bridgeport Camp registration opens on Wednesday, January 9, around 9:00am with early bird discounts. Camps do fill up quickly so be sure to take advantage of those early dates and discounts.

FUMC Allen children and youth attend camp as a group on the dates below. If they do not work for your family, you can always sign up for a different camp date.

  • JUNE 4-8, 2019 Children’s SEEK Camp
  • JUNE 11-15, 2019 Youth SEEK Camp
  • JUNE 24-28, 2019 Children’s Camp (C2)
  • JULY 1-5, 2019 Senior High Camp
  • JULY 22-26, 2019  Jr High Camp (JH2)

Summer camp at Bridgeport is an annual tradition for many of our children and youth with friendships that last a lifetime, no matter which camp you attend.