SOAR: Faith Taking Flight

SOAR: Faith Taking Flight

Our SOAR series challenges us to look at how our faith can get stronger, deeper, more life-giving, and more outwardly focused in 2019 as we leverage our WINGS to soar in the New Year. Each week offers a unique perspective on one of five key pillars of discipleship: worshiping, inviting, nurturing, giving, and serving.

Each sermon is designed to move us from where we are in our faith to where we can be and to where God is leading us. The messages will challenge us just as Jesus challenged his disciples, and the challenge may require that we let go of old habits, routines, and attitudes.

It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Sunday January 6 2019
“It Occurs to Me”
Matthew 2:1-12
Rev Dr Abe Smith, preaching
Epiphany of the Lord

It occurs to me that life can be altogether different when we meet Jesus again and again. And while we’ve had just one baptism we will experience many conversions. Just like the Magi meet Jesus, we meet Jesus again and again.
Discipleship Pathway Emphasis: Worshiping

January 13 2019
“Living As A Beloved Child”
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
Rev Todd Harris, preaching
Baptism of the Lord

What if we truly lived our lives knowing that we are a beloved child of God? On this Sunday, we’ll remember our baptism and know we are loved, knowomg we don’t have to live by the world’s standards. We’ll discover the possibilities in our baptism by saying yes to life.
Discipleship Pathway Emphasis: Inviting

Sunday January 20 2019
“A Change of Heart”
 John 2:1-11
Rev Todd Harris, preaching

MLK Sunday

Just as Jesus changed the water into wine, so He changes our heart. When our heart is changed we no longer see as others see but as God sees. We love as God loves. Nurture our process of salvation. Discipleship Pathway Emphasis: Nurturing

Sunday January 27 2019
“When Life Tests You”
Hebrews 2:14-18
Rev Jessica Wright, preaching

When life is at its hardest, it is so easy to go back to our old ways. It’s easy to go back to life before Jesus with old habits, before our baptism and not living in light of God’s love, to return to the life before a changed heart.

Life can be altogether different as we follow Jesus, but life is going to test us. When it tests us we either withdraw, shut-down, stand-up. It becomes an opportunity for more generous giving or radical serving.

Discipleship Pathway Emphasis: Giving and Serving