WINGS Pin Presentation

WINGS Pin Presentation

In grateful response to God’s love for us, guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive to have healthy WINGS to ensure our faith soars. WINGS is an acronym that represents the five characteristics of a Christian disciple, and when lived out in one’s daily life, these WINGS become life giving to the individual and the world.

Here at FUMC Allen, we have created a series of booklets meant to guide people through each of these characteristics and give the opportunity for deeper understanding and personal application.

On Sunday, March 24, we will distribute special WINGS pins to everyone who has completed their WINGS training during worship. Leaders are invited to come forward regardless of whether they completed their training through a Sunday school class, Administrative Council retreat training, or individual study.

The purpose of having our leaders come forward is three-fold:

  • First, it brings WINGS to the attention of the congregation.
  • Second, it gives the congregation a chance to see and meet the leaders of the church.
  • Finally, it gives those who don’t know about WINGS someone to ask.

If you want to learn more about the WINGS program and how you, too, can earn your WINGS, contact Susan Hale.