Construction Is Progressing Rapidly

Construction Is Progressing Rapidly

We continue to make great progress on the construction of our new Children’s Center and Hospitality Atrium.  To see the latest, watch the video below.

Children’s Center

We now anticipate that our Children’s Center will be open before Memorial Day!  We’ll have a special “sneak peek” tour on Sunday morning, April 28, to get an inside look at the new facility.

Stayed tuned for more information to be shared during worship on Palm Sunday, April 14.


As the video shows, the Hospitality Atrium is moving forward rapidly.  During the month of April, we anticipate completing the exterior work, and the atrium will be dried in.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work are in process.  Once that work is complete, we’ll construct the interior walls.  We anticipate that the finishes work will begin in early May.

During this same time frame, we’ll begin work in the Hospitality Courtyard. We’ll construct the large covered sidewalk that will run along the side of our existing buildings all the way to the east parking lot.

After that work is complete, we’ll pour the stamped decorative concrete for the courtyard, and complete the landscape of the adjacent areas.

The image below serves as a reminder of what we will see in just a few months.

Hospitality Atrium Looking Toward Courtyard
Stay informed

We will continue to provide regular updates about the project. You can access these updates by clicking on “Building Project Updates” from the home page of this website or Building Projects/Building Project Updates from the menu on any page of our website.

If you have any questions, please email

To learn more about our Building Project and see what the new and improved facility will look like, click on any of the pictures below.