What A Mess It Is Now – What A Blessing It Will Be

What A Mess It Is Now – What A Blessing It Will Be

As we rapidly move toward the completion of our Embrace and Transform Building Project, things at the church are an absolute mess!  Other than the interior of our sanctuary, gym and New Children’s Center, every other area of the facility is or will be under construction or renovation during the next few weeks.  We appreciate the patience of all of our members and visitors during this time of transition.  The good news is that we are almost there and will be entering our fall programming with a renewed and expanded facility.  Watch for these things happening over the next few weeks.

South Office Wing – Hall to the Gym and elevator to be Closed from July 1-6

South Office Hallway
Prep for the New Family Restroom in Gym Hallway

Our renovated South Office Wing will be complete in mid-July.  This will allow the majority of our staff offices to be located in a single wing.  As a part of this renovation, there will be new tile, matching the tile in the Hospitality Atrium, placed in the hallway that runs between the South Entrance Lobby and the Gym.  This work will be done next week, and the hallway and the elevator will be closed to all traffic during that period.  Anyone needing to use the gym during this period must enter through the south doors by the loading dock.  The hall and elevator will be available on Sunday June 30th and Sunday July 7th.  As a part of this work, we are also updating our current restrooms beside the elevator and are adding a family restroom next to the gym.  And, we have renovated our Community Room (Parlor) and Bride’s Room with new finishes.

Playday-Preschool Wing Receiving New Finishes

Playday Classroom Is Almost Ready to Receive New Finishes

The first floor Playday-Preschool Wing adjacent to our New Children’s Center is in the process of being refinished, receiving new wall finishes and flooring in the hallway, classrooms and offices.  The nursery will continue to be available on Sunday mornings.  This work will be complete during the next couple of weeks.

Hospitality Atrium

Coffee Team Preps for Opening of New Coffee Bar In Hospitality Atrium

The Hospitality Atrium work continues and will be complete by the end of July.  Currently, you can view this new space from the second floor outside the Chapel.  And in the next week or two, the temporary walls separately the labyrinth area and the atrium will be coming down.  This has been the most complex part of the project as the new space has to connect to existing buildings built during three different decades.  Our Coffee Team has been working hard to have the new Coffee Bar ready for operation when the Hospitality Atrium opens.

youth Wing

The New Youth Hangout Space Is Almost Ready for Finishes

The Youth Wing continues to progress with anticipated completion also in July.  Now that most of the HVAC, mechanical and plumbing work has been completed, the work will begin on finishes during the next couple of weeks.  With a great hangout space, large gathering/worship space and several classrooms, our youth are excited about the new opportunities that this space provides.

Hospitality courtyard

The Framework for the New East Covered Walkway

The construction is underway of our new covered walkway which extends to our east parking lot.  Once that is completed, the area will be graded and our new stamped concrete courtyard will be poured.  This work will followed by our final landscaping and the installation of our new Preschool Playground equipment.  Once again, all of this should be completed during July.

2nd floor Adult Education wing and North wing

Several of our college students have been busy the past several weeks painting our Adult Education Wing.  That area will receive new flooring and base sometime before Labor Day.  And, once all other areas are complete, we will be refinishing the North Hallway including Fellowship Hall and converting our previous office hallway into classrooms.  We are targeting having all of this work complete by Labor Day.

What a Blessing

What a blessing it has been to have so many wonderful contractors and subcontractors working with us the past several months to fulfill our dreams to update and improve our facility.  And we appreciate the cooperation and patience of our congregation and our guests and we continue to be a church that embraces all generations to join us on a life-changing Christian journey to change the world.

Stay informed

We will continue to provide regular updates about the project. You can access these updates by clicking on “Building Project Updates” from the home page of this website or Building Projects/Building Project Updates from the menu on any page of our website.

If you have any questions, please email buildingquestions@fumcallen.org.

To learn more about our Building Project and see what the new and improved facility will look like, click on any of the pictures below.