Faith Academy

Faith Academy


We are pleased to share our newest course offerings for Faith Academy Spring 2020.
Faith Academy is FUMC Allen’s Bible study curriculum, and we offer new classes every fall and spring.
To register for any of the following studies, follow the links below (click on the course name) or register on Sundays from December 22 through January 12.
On Wednesdays, we offer child care as part of the Wednesday Night Life program.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Hale.


Fierce by Jennifer Cowart

Mondays, January 13 (7 weeks)
9:15am-10:30am S209
Materials fee: $14
Susan Hale, facilitator
It’s become trendy to use the word “fierce” when describing women at the top of their game, but women have been fiercely changing the world for thousands of years. In fact, the Bible tells of many fierce female characters who made hard decisions, offered hope, boldly repented, shared their faith, and blessed those around them. Although some are less well known than others, these women can teach us how we, too, can live into our callings, honor the Lord, and even change the world through our courage, faithfulness, and obedience. January 13 is an intro class. Week 1 will begin on January 27.

Childcare available with reservation.

Romans by Melissa Spoelstra

Tuesdays, January 7 (6 weeks)
9:30am-11:00am S207/211
Materials fee: $13
Bernie Dickson, facilitator
You simply cannot escape bad news. Even when you vow not to listen to the news or read the latest blog, somehow negative headlines find ways to seep into your life. Amid stories of natural disasters, violence, and conflict, we sometimes forget the most important news of all. In the women’s Bible study, Romans: Good News that Changes Everything, Melissa Spoelstra shows us that the gospel truths shared with the early church at Rome echo into our day, reminding us that we still have good news to embrace and to share with others. You’ll be spiritually renewed in this six-week study and encouraged by the transforming Good News of the gospel regardless of what bad news you face.

Childcare not available for this class.


The Bible Jesus Read

Wednesdays, January 15 (9 weeks)
6:30pm-7:30pm N190
Stephen Haynes, facilitator
Materials fee: $21
In The Bible Jesus Read, Philip Yancey challenges the perception that the New Testament is all that matters and the Old Testament isn’t worth taking the time to read and understand. But a surprising discovery awaited Yancey when he began to explore how the Old Testament related to his life today. Those seemingly irrelevant Hebrew Scriptures took on a startling immediacy, portraying a passionate relationship between God and people against the broad backdrop of human experience. Like nothing else, the Old Testament depicts the cries, the complaints, the deep, insistent questionings of the heart, the stuff of life we all must contend with.

Companions in Christ: The Way of Grace

Wednesdays, January 15 (8 weeks)
6:30-7:30pm S203 (Library)
Alycia Segner, Facilitator
Materials fee: $10
The Way of Grace will delight small-group participants who find within its pages a fresh approach to the Gospel of John. This release in the Companions in Christ series invites us to travel with 8 Biblical characters (or groups of characters) who discover God’s grace through their encounters with Jesus. The eight characters include: Andrew, Simon, Philip, and Nathaniel; Nicodemus; the Samaritan woman; the lame man; the woman caught in adultery; the blind man; Mary and Martha; and Simon Peter.

Disciple IV – Part 2

Wednesdays, January 15 (12 weeks)
6:30pm-7:30pm S206
Materials fee: $25
David Powell, facilitator
Disciple IV Under the Tree of Life is the final study in the four-phase DISCIPLE program. The study concentrates on Old Testament Writings, the Gospel of John, the Epistles of John, James, Jude, and finally, Revelation. Emphasis on the Psalms as Israel’s hymnbook and prayer book leads naturally to an emphasis on worship in the study. Present through the entire study is the sense of living toward completion – toward the climax of the message and the promise, extravagantly pictured in Revelation. The image of the tree and the color gold emphasize the prod and promise in the Scriptures. The word under in the title is meant to convey invitation, welcome, sheltering, security, and rest – home at last.

The Enneagram Journey

Wednesdays, January 15 (12 weeks)
6:30pm-7:30pm S207/211
Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch, facilitator
Materials fee: $45
The Enneagram Journey by Suzanne Stabile is a 12-session curriculum that teaches participants to use the enneagram, an ancient, powerful tool for understanding our motivations, behaviors and experiences. Each session helps participants fully understand their unique self as God created them.

Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore

Wednesdays, January 15 (10 weeks)
6:30pm-7:30pm S209
Materials fee: $20
Zoe Dearing, facilitator
Jesus the One and Only provides a personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this in-depth women’s Bible study of the life of Jesus based on the book of Luke. Come along with Beth Moore on a life-changing journey which will lead you through the hills of Galilee with the Teacher, across the lake with the Master, and finally, on the road toward the cross with the Savior. Get to know Jesus intimately … as though you had walked with Him during His days of earthly ministry. This 10-week, in-depth Bible study includes weekly personal assignments and 11 video sessions taped on location in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.

Who is Jesus?

Wednesdays, January 15 (8 weeks)
6:30-7:30pm S208
Richard Prince, Facilitator
Materials fee: $11
Who is Jesus? Some people say he was a good man, a prophet, or a wise teacher. Some think he was a lunatic with delusions of divinity–if he even existed at all. Some say he was a liar bent on deceiving the world. Still others say he was the Son of God, the Lord. History, culture, and the Bible all agree that all of life centers on our answer to this question: Who is Jesus? Pastor Louie Giglio invites group members to meet God both in their intellect and their hearts by uncovering what history and Scripture have to say about Jesus. He encourages believers in Christ to ask the tough questions as to whether Jesus is truly God, truly a friend who loves us, and truly the King of kings. He encourages believers to explore whether Jesus is really the only way to God–as many people in our post-modern world doubt today–and whether his sacrifice on the cross truly provides the means for us to reconcile with God and experience eternal life.