College Scholarships

College Scholarships

College scholarship applications and recommendation forms for FUMC Allen Endowment, Program, and Memorial scholarships are now available for 2020.

First United Methodist Church of Allen offers several opportunities to earn financial help for full-time college and post-graduate students who have been accepted into and will be attending an accredited institution of higher learning in the fall. Scholarships are available for upcoming college freshmen, college upperclassmen, and graduate students.

In 2019, FUMC Allen distributed $15,050 in scholarship funds to 20 students.


The Scholarship Committee will consider applicants for all scholarships–Program, Endowment, and Memorial–awarded by FUMC Allen. To be considered, applicants will need to complete the specific addenda in the application for each program.

Scholarship applications and recommendation forms required for those already in college are due Monday, April 1!

FUMC Allen 2020 Scholarship Application

Recommendation Form

With their scholarship application, we require a Recommendation Form for all returning college students. The Recommendation Form should be completed by a college ministry or church leader who is familiar with their involvement in ministry/church life while in college.

While only one recommendation is required, we encourage applicants to submit more than one recommendation.  At least one recommendation must be received by the FUMC Allen scholarship committee by the application deadline of Monday, April 1, 2020.

FUMC Allen 2020 Recommendation Form

Additional information regarding the process and requirements can be found on the application and recommendation forms.