COVID-19 Update August 28 2020

COVID-19 Update August 28 2020

On Sunday, August 23, our building reopened to small groups, educational groups, Playday teachers, and gym rentals. On Sunday August 30, we begin practicing our worship procedures in anticipation of re-opening our sanctuary to worship on Sunday September 13, at 11:00am.

Because we are still in a pandemic world, things will look and feel different than they were in early March 2020. Your staff has been working diligently to help us ease back into a “new normal” of worshiping, meeting, and playing together once again.

Pandemic Safety and Sanitation Protocols

Your staff has studied and reviewed the recommendations of the Texas Department of State Health Services to create a set of Pandemic Safety and Sanitation Protocols. We invite all our members, guests, and anyone who enters our building to review this list in anticipation for the day we come back together.

We know that many of you are still not comfortable with meeting in-person and will will continue to offer activities, such as livestream worship, video conferencing for bible studies, and online meetings, that accommodate lower levels of risk tolerance (see chart below).

Pastor Mary Beth has highlighted just a few following protocols and procedures in her video above. Here are some the highlights that we want you to know as you return to in-person worship:

  • Four video cameras have been placed strategically around the sanctuary. Please observe caution when around the cameras; soon they will be seen as a regular part of our worship space.
  • We’ll have live music but our singers will remain masked throughout the service until the sing. When they sing, they’ll be distanced from the congregation.
  • Families from the same “social bubble” will be allowed to sit together, but they will be physically distanced from other family groups and individuals.
  • All who enter the building must wear masks, both in the sanctuary and while exiting in and out of the building. This requirement includes the bathrooms (we are limiting the bathroom to three people at a time)
  • Nursery will be available WITH A RESERVATION for  children ages 4 and younger. You can RSVP online beginning Monday, September 7, and every Monday before the next week’s worship service.
  • Children ages 5 and older will be asked to attend service with their families. Children’s Time will still be a part of worship, but we will broadcast that segment on the video monitors. Children will not be asked to come forward to the chancel area.
  • We will not encourage congregational singing at this time. We ask you to consider other forms of praise, such as clapping, dancing, waving your hands, or snapping your fingers. Let the spirit move you.
  • At the end of worship, the ushers will dismiss groups by section. We ask that you not congregate inside the atrium or other inside spaces, but you are welcome to meet outside in the courtyard or parking lots. Please be sure to observe social distancing and avoid hugging or hand-shaking.

We have started to tag all of our events and activities with a color-code based on a risk tolerance level. A LEVEL RED event is the most restrictive while a LEVEL GREEN is the least restrictive activity. Therefore, you will see that each event listed on our website will be designated as one of these three levels: red, yellow, or  green. Our color coding has been based on the following COVID Risk Tolerance chart that we shared with you earlier this summer.


These policies and procedures and risk tolerance levels are all subject to review and adjustment as our world continues to change. These are just a starting point based on six months of experience, study, and the collective wisdom of many experts from all walks of life. Our goal above all is to worship God and celebrate as a church family while keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Wash Your Hands. Wear Your Mask. Practice Social Distancing