Change The World Allen Needs October Project Volunteers

Change The World Allen Needs October Project Volunteers

The Change the World Allen Home Repair & Yard Work Leadership Team has several projects that are in need of volunteers.

The following projects would be a great opportunity for small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, Scouts, or missions teams:

Project 2: B731(M)F4

For this project, we will be installing a back yard deck, including laying a weed barrier, laying a deck base, laying down sand, and installing paver stones.

10 volunteers are needed on either October 24 or October 31 from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

To support this project, please contact the project leader, Bill Philipar, at

Project 3: B002HR

This homeowner is in need of tree trimming on their property.  We will be trimming limbs from multiple ~6 ft trees away from a fence and loading them in a debris hauler.  A crew of 4 volunteers is needed, and this project can be done anytime in October.

To volunteer for this project, please contact Jacqueline Martin at 972.429.8765 or

As always, we greatly appreciate the time and energy you put into volunteering for these projects. Your service matters – especially to the homeowners – and your volunteer work does indeed change the world for the better!

Please note that CTW Allen is very sensitive to maintaining a strong COVID-19 safety stance, especially since many of our project beneficiaries are in higher-risk demographic groups, All project teams will be expected to apply specific safety measures designed to reduce the risk to all parties.

For more information on any of these projects, visit