January Worship Series

January Worship Series

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
Sundays, January 9-30 2022
8:40am & 11:00am

No figure in history has received more attention, and has been less understood, than Jesus of Nazareth.

Even the disciples were consistently confused.

Some people want Baby Jesus in a manger.  Some people want the “Genie” Jesus who will give them the close-in parking spot or the football win.  Some people want King Jesus to give them power and privilege.

Who is the real Jesus and how are we follow him in 2022?

January 9 2022
Mark 8:27-33
Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

January 16 2022
John 2:13-22
Angry Jesus?

January 23 2022
Matthew 7:7-11
Genie Jesus?

January 30 2022
John 6:1-15
King Jesus?