Posts from September 2022

Posts from September 2022

Order of Worship

ORDER OF WORSHIP October 2 2022 Worship Check In   The Table 8:30am Gathering Songs  Child of Love; Beneath The Waters; O Come To The Altar Children’s Time Scripture Galatians 3:26-29 NRSV Message World Communion Gratitude Moment Song Holy Water The Great Thanksgiving/The Lord’s Prayer Invitation & Benediction Song All The People Said Amen Exit Traditional Worship 11:00am Prelude  Welcome  Voluntary Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation (Wood) Call to Worship Hymn Maker, In Whom We Live (UMH 88 v 1-4)…

Fall Festival Trunks (or Trucks) Needed

  Trunk or Treat at Fall Festival Sunday, October 30 12:00pm-2:00pm FUMC Allen Hey small groups! Families! and others! You are invited to host a trunk at Trunk or Treat, an annual highlight of our Fall Festival on Sunday, October 30. You would be asked to decorate a car or truck, set up some games or activities, and pass out candy or small prizes. Email Adam Lubbers,, if your group is interested!  

Because Someone Gave: A Story of Hope

Emily Wiley van Oosterom grew up at FUMC Allen, was confirmed here in 2002, graduated from Allen High School in 2008, and now lives in Amsterdam. When her daughter Charlotte was born three months ago, Emily began to reconnect with her faith family at FUMC Allen through our livestream and online presence. Emily reached out to me in July, knowing that she and her husband Marco were planning a trip to Texas. She very much wanted to have Charlotte baptized…