Because Someone Gave: A Story of Hope

Because Someone Gave: A Story of Hope

Emily Wiley van Oosterom grew up at FUMC Allen, was confirmed here in 2002, graduated from Allen High School in 2008, and now lives in Amsterdam.

When her daughter Charlotte was born three months ago, Emily began to reconnect with her faith family at FUMC Allen through our livestream and online presence.

Emily reached out to me in July, knowing that she and her husband Marco were planning a trip to Texas. She very much wanted to have Charlotte baptized in the place where she began her faith journey.

On Sunday, we had the privilege of baptizing and welcoming Charlotte Esme into the FUMC Allen family of faith.

It was a holy moment.

It was my #focusedonhope moment for that day.

All of this was possible because someone gave. Someone gave in 2002, and Emily Wiley was confirmed at our church and began her journey of faith. Someone gave in March 2020 when we suddenly had to learn how to livestream our services. Two and one half years later, members of our church family join us in worship from home because they are quarantining in preparation for a hospital stay. Others join us in worship online when they are traveling for work. And others who live in places, such as Puerta Lempira, Amsterdam, Ethiopia, and Kenya, worship with us regularly through our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Our livestream is just one of the ways that FUMC Allen is touching lives in our church, in our community, and in our world Because Someone Gave.

It’s been a joy and blessing to hear about the impact of those gifts during the last several weeks as we’ve been moving through our worship series Focused on Hope. I am inspired by those who have witnessed about their giving, and I hope you are, too. I hope you are ready to be part of God’s work through the ministries of our church through your giving in 2023.

Today, I invite you to enter into a time of prayer and discernment over the next ten days about a personal or family 2023 Giving Goal and pray with us daily:

“God, what do you want to do through me?”

God is working in your life and in my life and in all things to bring the good, and each one of us has something to give.

Remember what matters is not the size of the gift but rather the heart of the giver.

After your time of prayer and discernment, you may fill out an online Giving Goal form HERE. Giving Goal cards are also available in the pew backs of the sanctuary.

We hope to have your Giving Goal recorded by September 18 when we will announce the total amount committed during our Celebration Lunch at 12:00PM in the gym. (You can RSVP for that event HERE.)

I look forward to all of the ways that God will be working through you and through our family of faith.

You are a blessing.


Pastor Mary Beth