Charge Conference Follow-Up

Charge Conference Follow-Up

A Message from Pastor Mary Beth
Charge Conference Follow-Up
October 20 2022

We had a beautiful and worshipful gathering with several of our sister UMCs on Sunday afternoon as we met with North Central District Superintendent Reverend Debra Hobbs-Mason for a “cluster” charge conference. As we worshipped, we also did a bit of work, approving several items for 2023.

One of the items approved by our church was the 2023 Administrative Council, sometimes known as the Church Council. This team consists of individuals who represent the wide variety of ministry areas of our church–youth, adults, senior adults, women, men, children, missions, music, worship, and congregational care–as well as the administrative teams–finance, trustees, staff-parish relations, endowment, and lay leadership. Our council also includes seven at-large members who represent the wide demographics of our church family. The council is responsible for making sure that FUMC Allen is on track to fulfill our purpose and mission and that all of our ministries are working toward the same goal.

FUMC Allen 2023 Administrative Council
  • Susan Hale, Chair (incoming 1.1.2023) & Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • Rod Morehead, Lay Leader (incoming 1.1.2023)
  • Susan Fulk, SPRC Chair
  • Eric Free, Finance Chair
  • Marvin Breeze, Trustee Chair
  • Henry Lessner, Endowment Chair
  • Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • Mallory Kizer, Youth Ministry
  • Dani Steininger, Adult Discipleship (incoming 1.1.2023)
  • Ruth Swingle, Senior Adult Ministry (incoming 1.1.2023)
  • Kim Dewailly, Care Ministry
  • Joseph Bush III, Missions
  • John Stenger, Music Ministry
  • Carole Smithwick, Worship
  • June Franck, United Women in Faith
  • Alan Quick, At-large
  • Ann Gurley, At-large
  • Ken Fulk, At-large
  • Daisy Miller, At-large
  • Carrie Brazeal, At-large
  • Darla Foster, At-large
  • Jeanie Schulmeister, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • Glenda May, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • Children’s Ministry (TBD)
  • Young Adult Ministry (TBD)
  • Hospitality Ministry (TBD)
  • United Methodist Men (TBD)

Please join me in thanking Administrative Council Chair Henry Lessner and Lay Leader Ted Bernhard who have served as leaders on our Administrative Council for the past three years. They have provided steady, calm, and faithful leadership during a very chaotic and stressful time. I have been deeply appreciative for their wisdom and good sense during the last three years. They will serve in these roles until December 1, 2022.

The Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership will continue the work of identifying leaders and leadership opportunities. If you have an interest in serving in one of the “tbd” roles, please feel free to contact me.

I’m grateful for all of these leaders and their willingness to share their gifts and wisdom for guiding our church during a time of great change. Please join me in praying for them and for your church.