Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day when we honor all of our mothers and pray blessings on them today. We extend our gratitude to all mothers because they are a gift from God; we pray for God’s peace, joy, and love in their heart and in their homes.

  • We pray for the mothers who didn’t necessarily give life to those they call their children. Those mothers could be sisters, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, and special lifetime friends. They could be adoptive mothers and foster mothers who bravely took into their lives, without hesitation, someone else’s child and loved those children as their own. No matter how they have come into our lives, they have made a difference.
  • We pray for the mothers who are celebrating their very first Mother’s Day as well as those expectant mothers who carry their infants in their womb, anxiously awaiting and praying for a safe delivery of a healthy child.
  • We pray for single mothers. We pray God gives them strength and power as they take on a difficult but not impossible task of raising their children, sometimes all alone.
  • We pray for working mothers and stay-at-home mothers who each face their own unique challenges, both inside and outside the home. We pray God gives them strength, wisdom, and grace to find balance in their lives and lead their children to experience the love of God.

Today, we also acknowledge all of the mothers who find Mother’s Day a day of sorrow and pain.

  • We pray for the mothers who are experiencing their first Mother’s Day without their own mothers as well as those who still find it it a difficult day after many years without their mothers.
  • We pray for the mothers whose arms are empty today after years of struggling with infertility and to those who are trying desperately to expand their family with another child.
  • We pray for those mothers who have lost their children to miscarriage, to stillbirth, to violence, to illness, and to tragedy. We extend love and compassion to you today.
  • We pray for the mothers who have challenging relationships with their own mothers. We pray for healing of all severed relationships.
  • We pray for the mothers of adult children who weep quietly in the pain of estrangement and separation. We pray for you and your prodigal children.
  • We hold a special place in our hearts for those who never knew their mothers or never plan to be a mother.

We see you. We pray for you. We hold you close to our hearts.

We pray for Your loving protection over all mothers. Guard them and keep them in all their ways. Watch over their going out and their coming in. Give them the physical strength and stamina they need to do what You have purposed them to do as mothers.
Protect them from the schemes of evil, and may your favor and protection surround them as with a shield (Psalm 5:12).