Volunteer Opportunity with English Conversation Class

Volunteer Opportunity with English Conversation Class

The English Conversation Class that meets at FUMC Allen on Thursdays at 7:00pm is looking for conversation partners for the fall semester.

As a conversation partner, you will lead the discussion with a small group of people who are looking for opportunities to practice and improve their English. Conversation partners do not need to teach or know education theory.

This class is not ESL (English as a Second Language). Conversation partners simply listen, are hospitable, and ensure everyone is involved in the conversation. During each session of ECC, participants talk about a different topic, but discussion questions and activities are provided.

Volunteers are never put into a position where you are doing anything on your own. As a conversation partner, you will enjoy the warm and lively atmosphere plus the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

Conversation partners should speak English as their primary language, but bilingual volunteers who are fluent in English are also welcome to serve! As a bilingual helper, you can participate in conversations, support and welcome new participants, and make connections with people from your culture.

For more information, contact ​Adam Lubbers, AdamL@fumcallen.org.