Lent and the Gospel of Luke

Lent and the Gospel of Luke

Lent and The Gospel of Luke

During Lent, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey through the Gospel of Luke. We pray this journey deepens your understanding of Jesus’s life and teachings and inspires a more compassionate and just way of living. Luke’s Gospel, with its unique emphasis on grace, forgiveness, and social justice, offers a compelling narrative that speaks directly to the heart of our Lenten practice. It challenges us to confront our own lives, to recognize the presence of God in the every day, and to act with love and mercy towards others, especially the marginalized and forgotten.

This Lent, let the Gospel of Luke be your guide. Discover the radical hospitality of Jesus, explore the depth of His compassion, and be inspired to live with greater purpose and hope. Join us on this journey, and let your heart be transformed by the powerful story of love, redemption, and new beginnings found in the pages of Luke.

Click HERE to access our complete Lenten reading plan of the Gospel of Luke

Our Lenten Challenge To You

In keeping with the theme of our  Lenten worship series, Dinners with Jesus: Breaking Bread & Barriers, we challenge you to share a meal with someone else at least once each week.

To facilitate this challenge, we have made available two weekly opportunities for shared meals: Tuesdays at 12:00pm with the FUMC Allen staff in the Atrium and on Sundays at 12:00pm with friends and families in Fellowship Hall.