FUMC Allen Sermons (Page 26)

FUMC Allen Sermons (Page 26)

Giving Up Hate

Genesis 37:2-11 We can’t find real, authentic depth and meaning in life based on hate. We are biologically and spiritually wired for connection; we desire life together in our bones and our souls. When we draw lines between ourselves and others, we make ourselves poorer.

Giving Up Control

Romans 7:14-25 The fear and the desire to control all the things can paralyze us; we end up holding our lives by the throat. It’s a daily practice to loosen the stranglehold–to trust God to be God–so that we have the freedom to be citizens of God’s kingdom in this fallen world.

Seeing Differently

Mark 9:2-9 We’re called to share the divine spark that dwells within us. But the world may not love us when we show up soul first. It may not be agreeable when we offer love first and leave judgment for God. When the image of God within us and through us becomes visible–when we are transformed–the systems of the world may reject us and marginalize us and seek to silence us. It doesn’t mean that the life of faith is…