Hospitality Atrium and Courtyard

Hospitality Atrium and Courtyard

Building Priority 1: Provide a central welcome space that exudes an atmosphere of exceptional hospitality

Hospitality Atrium View Toward Courtyard

Hospitality Atrium

Challenge:  We currently have limited hospitality gathering space outside of our sanctuary.  Welcoming information is limited to folding tables and coffee and refreshment areas are relegated to hallways away from this space.

Solution:  Once the old youth wing is removed, the courtyard will enter into a new larger hospitality space, more than doubling our current space.  The Hospitality Atrium will allow room for a welcome desk for visitors and special ministry events and a coffee bar and refreshment area. There will be significantly more room for standing conversation to build meaningful relationships as well as providing some seating.  The Hospitality Atrium eliminates confusion for our guests by making ministry areas visible and intuitive from single, centralized hospitality space.

Hospitality Atrium View Toward Labyrinth

Hospitality Atrium View Toward North from Second Floor
Hospitality Atrium View from East Toward Children and Youth

Challenge:  Our current spaces for our children and youth area are in three different buildings and on two separate floors.  It is difficult for visitors to be able to easily find where their children should go.  And multi-child families have children who are scattered throughout the facility.

Solution:  The new Hospitality Atrium will provide direct and obvious access to our unified children’s space and the sanctuary through the existing labyrinth space.  The current Upper Room Chapel and the new youth space will be visible from the Hospitality Atrium through glass looking up to the second floor.  The demolition of our old youth wing allows for the creation of our new Hospitality Atrium and Courtyard.

Hospitality Courtyard View from Above
Hospitality Courtyard Looking Toward New East Entrance and Hospitality Atrium

Hospitality Courtyard

Challenges:  Our current primary parking area leads congregants and visitors to an entrance that is the oldest part of our facility where there is no interior gathering space.  Our current youth wing has roofing issues and no large gathering area for youth worship and events.

Solution:  Demolish the current youth wing and utilize part of the space for a new exterior hospitality space. This new courtyard which will be about 1.5 times the size of our gym, will allow a more welcoming entrance with a covered walkway from the east primary parking area into our new hospitality atrium.  For the first time in almost 30 years, we will have an outdoor hospitality space on our site.  Use your imagination:  Easter Egg hunts, church-wide picnics, concerts, social events, gathering space for conversations, other outdoor activities, a path to the children’s playground next to the gym. Large windows create connection to indoor ministries. These new spaces fulfill the first Building Priority to provide a central welcome space that exudes an atmosphere of exceptional hospitality.

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